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If none apply, select any and detail the need in the description.
Sometimes we can match you with someone who can help on a regular basis.
Our escrow service can ensure that both you and the helper are protected financially. The helper receives any reimbursement money only after correct help is received. The helper is protected too with money being held securely by us as a trusted middleman, ensuring both sides are happy before release.
If you require that the person helping is vetted as having appropriate police checks and/or background checks, please select this option. Please note that fewer helpers will have this as it takes more effort to send documents and be approved.
Leave it as is for ASAP, or change up to days away
This time and the time above form a window of time for the task to be completed within
For example, "I need a delivery to my house as I'm in isolation". Don't specify location or personal details here.
Please include anything to note. The rest can be sorted in a phone call with the helper. Please do not share any personal information or bank numbers in this form. We will facilitate any reimbursement, acting as a escrow service to ensure you receive your items before reimbursing the helper.
If you don't have a mobile number, or wish to just use email leave this blank. When receiving a call you should expect the call to come from a phone number with caller id blocked. This is to protect the helper from direct followup calls.
To give an indication of where you live.
To give an indication of where you live. If in doubt, search for "postcode finder" on Google.
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Once you have finished we will:

  • Send this to all people subscribed to this helper category.
  • The helper will be in contact based on your details to arrange times, locations, lists and expected costs. No payment is to be made directly to the helper, we will facilitate this to protect both parties.
  • Please double check your details as it is important that the helper can make direct contact with you via a phone.
  • After your help, please do not contact any helper directly, bookmark this page and come back if you require further assistance.

Receiving goods:

Please note that you will need a safe location if goods are dropped off, and helpers should not be expected to make physical contact or enter any buildings. Helpers will most likely watch at a distance to ensure pick up, and wave before leaving. We will facilitate reimbursement of funds into their bank account after taking credit card payment from you. Minimal bank and credit card fees may apply, usually around 2 to 4 percent.

Be kind and be careful:

Please note, your use of this system is not without risk, all users must use their own common sense in assessing if they wish to help or be helped by an individual and pass over contact information. If in doubt say NO. By submitting this form, you indemnify Prosper Technologies Ltd, participating organisations & its founders of any monetary or legal responsibility caused by mis-information, undue representations or harm directly or indirectly linked to this system. Each individual is solely responsible for their interactions with people requesting help, and with other users on this system.